Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hope in our Soap; Update From the Nest

Well, we sold the bus. Sometimes it takes getting what you thought you wanted, only to realize it doesn't serve you exactly the way you need/want it to. We are grateful for our time on Falcor, he taught us much! And we are ready to move on to a new, LITTLE less nomadic life.

I started this blog in the hope of spreading knowledge and wisdom, empowering families and singles alike to take a more Earth bound approach to health and beauty. It began with the birth of my Little Bird, who is now FOUR! (can you believe it?!) We've gone on now to include hand made soaps in to our poison free arsenal of health and wellness care and we are SO stoked to be offering them to the public!

We hope to grow this business to be able to donate to and support charitable organizations/causes that empower families to "work from home" and a more communal way of life so we can leave our children at home well attended should the need/desire arise. It's time for us to take our children and our lives back from the hamster wheel of deadly society. I know that may sound a bit dramatic, but when you analyse the poisons put in our health and beauty products, the GMO and other poisonous foods we are being fed, and the addictive, side affect ridden pharmaceuticals we are being "medicated"'s pretty spot on.

I have hope though, hope that together we can take our future in to our own hands and THRIVE, rather than just survive this Earthly plane. The first place I'm starting, is at home, with my hands, my heart and our soap; "From the Nest".

"So, what we are offering is an opportunity for you to support local and support free, home made, all natural, organic, vegan, Earth friendly, family business...We are so so grateful for the community support we have already received, YOU inspired us to make this bigger and better! THANK YOU! …I'm a single mom using my hands and heart to stay with my son rather than being separated on a regular basis...Making soap = going to work and learning business skills for both of us and it makes my heart sing to skip off in to the kitchen with this little dude by my side, to watch him set with pen, paper and calculator as he "does his business" with mom....there are offers from big name stores as well as many whole sale opportunities for me to flood my local market with… We really want to get the soaps up and running to help support our little nest, I just know they can. (Please contact me if you are interested in whole sale!)

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  1. Thank you and Raven for the loving energy that is put into making the soap. Greg, the kids and I love how soft and moisturized our skin feels after =)