Monday, September 5, 2011

Sea Pearl Natural Sea Sponge Tampon Review

I've fianlly tried my first natural tampon and I am in love!
After finding out about the product, I waited nearly a year to try Sea Pearl's sea sponge tampons and I am so grateful I did!

Since the birth of my first that caused a very natural shift in my cycle I have struggled to find a system that works well and is comfortable. I chose the largest (and hardest to find) O.B. and never gave it a second thought for many years, even while "greenifiyin" my child care and learning about the benefits of living naturally. Honestly, it never crossed my mind until the home water birth (VBAC2)of my third child. Our Midwife, Michelle Foster Gawne of Heart to Heart Birth Center suggested I use a natural alternative and turned me on to the Sea Pearls.

I can remember the first time I wore a plastic pad. I cried. I was 12 years old and in a diaper, I thought, and EVERYONE around me knew I was bleeding. Thankfully, I went to stay with an Aunt that summer who loved to swim. The day she found out I thought I couldn't go swimming because I was on my period was the day I met tampons, and other than childbirth, I never looked back. I used over the counter, plastic wrapped, bleached tampons from the time I was 12 until now, I am 33.

I bought two of the premium size large sea sponges and they are so silky soft and easy to rinse out! The absorbancy really astonished me! After completing a cycle with them I have only had one whoops and I was at the beach and having too much fun to go to the bathroom. (Sound familiar to anyone?!) I loved the freedom of not having to take a bag with me everywhere, no hunting down my bag in social situations or running to the car in an emergency. The only thing I needed for a change was a bathroom stall and a sink! And, for you girls who perfer them, no more wrapping pads and leaving them in some one's trash can either! The whole experience with my cycle this time around was cleaner, easier and even less painfull than I can remeber in the past.

I know it may sound really intimidating to wash out your own tampons, but it has proved, so far, to be much more convieniant and sanitary. Washing them out also gave me a chance to get to know my body better.
The only draw back is, I would like to order more Sea Pearls to have on hand in different sizes and the yam butter lube. I ordered the silky smooth upgrade and with out ever having seen the alternative I know it was way worth the value!!!

I give this product two feathers up! If you decide to try Sea Pearls, or have any questions before you decide to order, I would love to hear from you!

I ordered my sponges from Jade and Pearl
Those of you who know me, know I am not the consuming type, but I think I would like two of everything from this local, Eco-Friendly, small business! Here is what they have to say about Sea Pearls.
"Sea Pearls are convenient - no more running to the store for emergency tampons. Compared to the cost of conventional single use tampons and pads, our reusable Sea Pearls save you money and you will never again need to worry about polluting the environment with used feminine hygiene products. Can you believe the average woman uses nearly 17,000 disposable pads and tampons throughout her lifetime? In North America alone, an estimated 20 billion bleached pads and tampons end up in our landfills and sewage systems each year!So for your reproductive health and comfort, for the planet, for a change. . . try Sea Pearls!"

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