Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dread Heads, Shampoo Sorrows and Lab Rats!

Due to the SLS factor* and not being one who buys into specialty products that easily, I am finding myself in a bit of a quandary over my hair. It has ALWAYS been my crown and I want what’s healthiest for it! When I was little my grandmother brushed, washed and styled it. And then when I had children of my own they would vie for who got to brush mommy’s hair before bed. I cut it short a few times in my life, and didn’t really dig it any of them. I love my hair; it’s a lot like a security blanket.
Unfortunately, after 3 children and many years of being exposed to chemicals and free radicals, my hair is thin, dry and brittle. It even got a bit of a wave to it after being stick straight for most of my life! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going bald or anything. My hair is just totally different than it used to be and requires a lot more attention. For the last 13 years it’s been mandatory that I use some sort of conditioner and the clean rinsing shampoo recipes I have cause my hair to knot and tangle! I still haven’t found a natural conditioner that works as well as the stuff in the bottle does.
I have found a recipe for a Yucca and Mallow shampoo that sounds great. The chic on the video that gave the recipe said she uses it and her hair looked very healthy and thick. Most people even have these plants in their yard and don’t even know it!! I will most definitely give it a try sooner or later as I am still working on identifying the wild natives on the property. We will see, and I’ll keep you posted. Better yet, why doesn’t some one try it and get back to me?
So, after washing said head of hair with a clean rinsing shampoo I made from castile soap and utilizing a baking soda and honey rinse, I gotta tell ya, my hair was STRIPPED of any residue or gunk. Meaning, it knotted and locked and I had to rewash with icky stuff and use conditioner just to get a brush through it!! One way or the other, something has to change, cause me locks gotta get clean and I will NOT buy another plastic bottle filled with chemical laden poison that’s being poured into Mother Earth by the gallons DAILY, thanks to humans who are willing to put their vanity above Mother’s (and their very own) health! I just cant get down with washin in the same stuff they use on lab rats to cause sores so they can use another chemical to help heal said sores!! That’s just me though…Tree huggin, Dirt worshipper that I am.
... Wait a knotty lockin’ minute here!
Locking up?!
NO brushing?!?
Clean soap?!?!

Sounds like the perfect condition for Dreads to me!!
I have known a few people with dreads and I REALLY love the look. The whole dreadlock journey is calling to me too. The ability to let go of control for a while of SOMETHING sounds both exhilarating and tantalizingly scary. So far, just researching the subject has lead to emotional and personal healing as well as some really great education and Spiritual growth, and I haven’t even put the dreads in yet! Imagine what it will be like when I do!! Yeah, I said it. It’s most likely going to happen. I just gotta get over a few things like, putting knots in my hair on purpose (my grandmother would KILL me!) and finding some one knowledgeable to help (no way I'm dreadin this head alone, it would take days!. Not to mention Dreading your hair is a big commitment and other than my kids, I'm not real big on it and uh, commitment’s just another dirty word if you ask me!So, we will see where the journey leads and I will surely keep you posted.

Until then, what solutions have YOU found for natural hair care products free from harsh chemicals and not stored in resource depleting plastic bottles?

I would love to hear input on this one, whether you have had dreads for years or just started a set.
Even if you’re not a dread head, I bet you have an opinion about or input on Dread Heads,Shampoo Sorrow and Lab Rats!
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Love this Dread Head WAHMomma and her hand made Vegan, Earth friendly soaps!

*If you are not familiar with this dangerous and damaging chemical PLEASE read this blog for a detailed description and links with additional information including the MSDS sheet!