Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homebirth on the Rise

I offered some information from my book in progress to this young lady. What a well written article! Way to perpetuate the energy Amanda! And thank you for the connection Facebook!

Lovin the Planet with Earth Momma and Baby friendly Bug Spray

Greetings Earthlings! It's been a little while since my last entry so I thought I would drop by with a quick recipe. Earth Momma and Baby Friendly Bug Spray.

As with most of my how to knowledge this one was born of necessity with Raven's first camping trip!
I made two batches, one that was FOOD GRADE and another with some patchouli for mom to share with the girls! Both were a hit and although you had to reapply often, it worked and smelled GREAT! In fact, strangers even commented on the pleasant scent!
I would like to take a moment to say, all life has value, even that tiny annoying bug. They have their place among the circle just like we do, I would just rather our place not be FOOD! The best course of action is to be on a certain level of connection with the bug. After all God/Goddess/Creator made you all. You’ll find that when you become more connected to this Earth energy, you will look more towards natural remedies that you can make easily from basic ingredients with little to no impact on the planet. When your perspective shifts from that of the Consumer i.e. “Where can I buy earth friendly products?” To the Doer “What can I use to make my own?” You will find small miracles happening. With your health, your attitude, and maybe even your checkbook. THIS is how my journey has become so green and a lot of the times less expensive. Sure, you can buy an Eco-Baby friendly bottle of spray or balm, but why consume a “one use only” product bottled in, chances are, resource depleting packaging that just so happens to be one more thing for the landfill or recycle bins. But why, when you can go purchase some reusable bottles (all of my E.O. bottles are glass and washable) with ingredients you can use all over your home? It's all about getting back into alignment with our Planet. Really connecting with her and connecting with her energies.
Ok, so on to the recipe!

Eco-baby Bug Spray

* food grade.
3 oz sprayer bottle. (you can get a plastic one for a dollar but I do not recommend it as the vodka eats the plastic seal. Look for glass reusable sprayers from your local health food stores.)
100 proof vodka (cheap stuff works great!)
5 drops grape seed oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil
Funnel (optional)
Shake before each use.

Place the bottle on a sturdy surface and pour a small amount of the vodka into the bottle so the essential (E.O.) oil drops disperse nicely and do not stick to the bottle.
Add your E.O. and grape seed oil then fill with vodka and shake.
Taaaa-daaaa!! Easy, Safe, smell good bug spray!
Notes: you can always add more E.O. to your taste or what works for your area. Be careful around babies face and eyes as these oils are a little camphorous, but all items in this specific recipe are edible and safe for ingestion through the skin and mouth. To be honest my basic E.O. stash has lavender and rosemary and grape seed at all times because they are so versatile. From bug spray to food flavorings to aroma therapy! You also do not have to worry about applying this to broken skin as it may actually help to disinfect (vodka, lavender and rosemary) and heal (essential oils and grape seed oil) any boo boos or scratched bites!
The grape seed oil can be substituted for any other carrier oils like jojoba or olive even. Just remember that some oils have a small shelf life. Grape seed is my favorite because it is cheap, very good for the skin, does not lay heavy or leave fragrance and I can cook with it too! I highly recommend a good rub down with some coconut oil before leaving the house or tent as it will help the spray to “stick” and last a little longer.
Fragrance ideas:

Gone to the Hippies
Food grade recipe plus patchouli! YUMM!

Tree Hugger's Special

You are my Sunshine
citron vodka
citrus eucalyptus e.o.
citronella (not too much)
Lemon Grass or Lemon Verbena

The sky is the limit as to what you can do with this! Have fun and report back your favorite recipe!