Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flouride Free Toothpaste

Before we begin, let’s address the issue of fluoride.
This is a very popular debate with both sides having some very valid points.
It is my own personal belief that we are told we “need” way more of this chemical than we really do. And if you still think that you “need” fluoride, ask yourself if your water is fluorinated? If so, are you or your children running the risk of fluorosis by getting TOO much?

Do the research yourself; find out what works for your family…

Start here if you like

Here in this nest, we are done with prepackaged, chemical filled, artificially flavored and colored toothpaste.
So I made some ;-)

1/2 cup Baking soda –whitens and cleans teeth.
1/4 cup Hydrogen peroxide- disinfects the gums.


I know, this make it yourself stuff is hard isn't it??


When we took this for a dry run (literally) we found out very quickly that capping it is a good idea because it will dry out very quickly!

It looks way runny when you first make it, but by the second day it looks more like paste, so just let it set.

If you want to add some flavor or minty freshness use some Stevia, this stuff is WAY healthier than sugar and a drop or two of your favorite oil will help spice it up a bit.


It feels like brushing with the Sahara but I find that the "so fresh and so clean, clean" feeling lasts a lot longer than regular toothpaste!
And it's a bit of a perk that I can scrub my sink and it's fixtures with the same mixture! Good bye white toothpaste scum FOREVERRRRR!


I have been using a little different of a formula recently.
I took out the peroxide and added coconut oil and bentonite clay. Its really hard on my sink, LOL, BUT I like it WAY better! I also add a little bit of stevia so my son will like it.
Side note:
Women past their 1st trimester and nursing women should stay away from peppermint oil. It will actually dry up your milk, and it’s a blood thinner.