Friday, April 8, 2011

We take cloth campin! Are cloth diapers more of an inconvience than paper?

Well, the Tribe is off to festival and I thought I would share with you the rigors of cloth diapering in the wood.

To me, it is worth any slight inconvenience of travel when I out weigh the pros vs cons of cloth diapering. But that's just me, some moms may cloth diaper at home and be afraid to take it a step further, and for other moms who are new to the concept of cloth, maybe this can be a great educational tool for you too, either way, I wanted to share another leg on our journey with you!

So far it has been a blast picking out what part of my fluff stash goes along! AND as an added bonus, we get to show off all those adorable prints (made by none other than muah!)because we won't be needing a cover most of the time!
After packing the bag, I picked it up, tossed it around and sat it on the ground next to the rest of the gear to go in the truck and my bag is no more inconvenient or heavy than a plastic package of diapers large enough for the weekend. This bag contained all of his wipes, diapers, covers, longies and bibs and burp rags!
*Plus it's a pretty rad bag!

The only thing so far that I could see being an "extra" was the small Rubbermaid kitchen trash can with a latching lid we use as the diaper pail. No biggie.

SO, we are off to see the Wizard and I will keep you posted from the wood, and if I'm too busy having fun, well then I will just have to update you when we return to home sweet home!

For now,
Merry Part!


Well, that was easy. We spent the weekend primitive camping and there were only two major differences in the whole diapering routine:

1. We didn't wash the diapers. We were only there for two days, so we just threw them in the diaper pail.
2. I ASSUMED that we would be able to scrape any solid waste into the porta potty. We all know what happens when one assumes anything! I'll spare you the gory details and just say that the portable shower will definitely come in handy next time!

This is what we brought along as far as supplies:

Diaper bag. (duh)
Baby wash cloths for wipes.
Jelly jar with homemade wipes solution.
Diaper pail.

All in all a total thumbs up for cloth and camping!


  1. I loved meeting you and your little bundle of sleeping joy this past weekend at Para Lounge. Your partner was a joy. Love you all.
    Loved seeing all the cloth covered bottoms camping in the woods with the diapers swinging on the clothes lines. Oh sweet soft cotton covered happy bums romping among the wooded earth.
    As a mother of four who were all cloth diaper only babies but now grown up happy adult people, I have to say thank you to all you new parents that continue on this blessed journey with a conscious heart toward the earth. We need to spread this important journey with care toward all living things, our children learn from us on what it means to be kind and when we are only kind to our own children but not to all creatures, our children see this. It is important we show that we care about all earths creatures.
    My hope is we spread this knowledge far and wide.
    This blog is a beautiful thing and I hope you have many readers that share your love to others.
    Joyous journey,
    Jeanie (gypsychant)

  2. Jeanie, my heart ran over full this weekend at all the like minded,Earth loving Mommas filled to the brim with love and joy!! Thank you for being you Goddess, look fwd to seeing you in the Fall! <3 and thank you for the kind words. My hope is to spread the word far and wide!!