Friday, April 18, 2014

Buses, Babies and new Beginnings!

Greetings Friends and family!
 Man, it's been a while since I've been over here... I've created a few more blogs and traveled a few thousand more miles since my last entry... The latest adventure is a giant step to self sustainable living for me and my three sons, one I feel could be the biggest we could take as a family. I want to live more of what I teach/share and go totally off grid; this first step, is a bus!
So I started a Go Fund me to move me some energy! (see below)
Too many humans are suffering with lack and illness, I feel so strongly in my heart if we ban together, as One, we could be so much more strong and healthy! THIS is the mission that I move forward with my travels and now, craft. I became a Massage Therapist while I was away! Oh the mysterious wonders of Thai yoga massage and the reflex arc! I learned so much about Ayurvedic medicines and principles as well as how this magical machine called the human body portrays our every vibe; emotional, mental as well as spiritual. I'm in awe and wonder every time I am blessed with a client! My practice is growing, and the reach is expanding. Being able to travel, have space for ALL of my children AND be off grid at the same time. Perfection!
So, I wanted to share with my friends over here and promise to bring you more Green Travelin yummies in the future, like dreadie care. Yep, I locked it up. ;) Almost two years now. We will get some updates on those hair care sections! Dread Heads, Shampoo Sorrows and Lab Rats! was my last one.
 Onward and upward!
Second star to the right!!
 Here is the description on the Go Fund me page. Feel free to leave feedback!
" I feel this is my opportunity to provide a more restful space for my sons and I while I offer my mission to humanity. Right now I am traveling with my youngest son and pray to add his older brothers soon and the expanded space of a skoolie (fully converted school bus) would really help move this hope to very do-able. We travel around the state (hopefully further with this gem!) and I offer my services as an LMT, energy worker,inspirational speaker and homesteader; I come to set the children free with knowledge and power! I feel very passionate about keeping my little sprout close to me while I offer my services to humanity, and that passion overflows to all parents who must work to provide. Too many American families are split up daily, just to survive, we were. My goals are to save up for land, so we can provide a space for struggling parents to find support and education as to how we execute a return to the land, and the raising of the sprouts. Until then Raven and I will continue spreading our Love and light through our traveling ministry and hopefully, with a little help from our friends, we can do this with our family intact. What better way to help raise up the One Family? Love, Alice and Raven"


After letting this kickstarter slide by with no response back in April, I decided to just let it be. The moon was in a Full moon Eclipse in Libra back then....
May sees  a  friend of mine finding a bus in a town local and so, we emailed...
June, we moved on to the bus (Forever known as Falcor!) and celebrated the friday 13th full moon under the sky with fire and friends and music...
yesterday, after being on the bus for a week, I realized..... we are on the SAME BUS as the kickstarter!
Dreams really due come true!!!!
Click here to read our Never Ending Story Bus adventures!
Thank you , Thank you, Thank you! JAi Jai Ganesh, Thank you!!!

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