Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black Soap Review

Some of you may have heard of this stuff, but it's new suds to me!
I ran across it at a local market and just had to try it, I mean after all, my people deserve it, right? It had nothing to do with the fact that I was looking to overhaul my own Goddess routine, no , not a bit...

Traditional African Black Soap is a hand made product from (you guessed it) Africa. Now, this stuff that I am using and recommending here is made in WEST Africa and according to my research the recipes can vary depending on tribal culture and location. One tribe may have a better source for Plantain where as the other has more Shea Tree bark etc.

The basic concept of creation here is the tribal ladies put all the plant matter/tree bark into a cauldron or other fire proof container large enough to do the job and set it all a flame!
(Yes dear Becky, I thought of you!)
After it has burned down to ash, water is added and the mixture is brought to a boil where the stirring process begins. In a separate pot the oils are heated and then slowly added to the ash mixture. Once all the ingredients are living the happy family life, they are then turned out to cure.

Talk about Au Natural !

And talk about the WOW factor! You can use this stuff for just about ANYTHING on the whole family! Those of you who know me personally will understand the weight this stuff carries with me when I tell you that not only do I use it on my youngest son, but its the only thing I will wash his face with other than our homemade wipes solution or pure water!

And there's MORE!

Not only do I feel nice and clean after a black soap scrub-a-dub-dub, but it has actually IMPROVED the health of my skin! I get the tight, tingly "I know my face is clean" feeling with out ANY dryness! And just in case you haven't read my Sweet N Soulful Sugar Scrub review (shame shame!), I am a "blue vein" Irish whose skin shrivels at the THOUGHT of soap!

So far we have used black soap with wondrous results on:
dry feet
baby rash
sun parched skin

You can also put a little bit into a shampoo bottle, add water and shake shake shake your way to a liquid soap which my supplier says is a more cost effective way to use it!

And just as an aside here, it's soft so you can pull off a chunk and shape it into cool works of art if you want! I took a heart shaped piece to a friend to try.

So, hit up my supplier at and try it out!
For those of you local, shoot me an email and I can tell you where her store front is!

If you decide to go with a different supplier please be sure your soap is fair trade and these ladies are being justly compensated for their work!


  1. We'd love to hear about your experiences with any of our reviews or recipes!

  2. I got a small sample of some at a flea market a year ago. I have VERY sensitive skin,and so many soaps and lotions, as well as heat and dryness, cause me to break out in rashes. They recommended the African Black Soap so I gave it a try, and although it wasn't enough to really get the full benefit, it definitely helped. It didn't dry my skin as much and my skin seemed smoother longer. I need more!

  3. As with most "natural" remedies, you really do have to use it on a regular basis to get the full benefit. I wish your skin many happy, moisturizing showers my dear!
    p.s. you could try to sugar scrub too, works wonders on dry, sensitive skin!